The best way to keep thieves away from you and your money, credit cards and personal identification is to discourage them from getting to your items. Do this by protecting your belongings in a manner that tells the pick-pockets it will be difficult to get their hands in your belongings.

Wallets. If you carry a wallet, use the trick shown above, with two wide rubber bands wrapped in a cross around your wallet. The rubber bands stick to the insides of your pants’ pockets and makes the wallet difficult to remove. I had the good fortune to have personal experience of this while in the subway in Barcelona. I now carry the wallet at all times with the two rubber bands and in the front pocket of my trousers.

Back packs. The kind with a single entry point that can be reduced to a minimum is the best. We had been walking along the Plaza del Sol in Madrid one evening, and some one ┬ámanaged to unlatch Maryellen’s back pack leaving it open and waiting for some one’s hand to reach in. After that, we started using a back pack with a single opening that can be closed by pulling on a string and thereby making it almost impossible to reach in without alerting the person carrying it.