What’s the difference?  You might say. A hotel is a room.  A resort is a room with a view.  A time-share is a home. While a hotel room provides a place to rest after a busy day sight seeing, or on the road,  it does not provide much more than a shower and bed, even in the most luxurious accommodations.  A resort provides the shower, the bed and usually spectacular views of beaches, snowy mountains or pastoral scenes.  Together with these perks comes also a hefty resort fee.  We can also choose an all-inclusive resort, which will provide the room with the view plus meals, entertainment, drinks and, as the name describes, everything you might need or want.  The time-share may be all-inclusive, a resort, or small apartment, but it is always a home away from home.  Even in the most limited areas, such as Paris and New York, the time-share concept will provide the room, plus a sitting area, spacious bathroom and a kitchen, allowing the guest to prepare meals, have a leisurely breakfast in pijamas or to entertain friends.